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Product Liability, Workers Compensation & Property Coverage

Ask most manufacturers what three types of insurance are the most difficult to monitor and cost-control and they’ll all likely give the same answers: Product Liability, Workers Compensation, and Property Coverage.  Eastern States Insurance has unique knowledge and skills in all three.

Product Liability

Underwriters draw their product liability rates form a wide range of industry classifications. The result is that manufacturers who are not properly classified are often assessed higher than necessary premiums.  At Eastern States Insurance we represent every client by studying, analyzing and actively underwriting each situation in-house.  Only then are we able to guide insurance underwriters toward the most appropriate and advantageous rates.  This approach requires extensive in-depth communication between our clients, ourselves and insurance company personnel.  The result is savings on even the most hazardous products liability exposures.

Workers Compensation

Eastern States Insurance has extensive knowledge of market alternatives on a state-by-state basis.  These include retrospective rating plans, deductible programs, group self-insurance, and other risk financing methods.  Our in-house claims department periodically reviews and monitors each client’s loss history to ensure that individual experience modification ARAP and construction credit factors are calculated properly.  Once workers compensation coverage is in place, our continuous follow-up on claims, dividends and audits routinely save thousands of dollars annually.

Property Coverage

At Eastern States Insurance, we have access to a variety of high-capacity property insurance carriers skilled in structuring complex and specialized insurance programs.  Broad coverage forms, replacement cost evaluations and elimination of co-insurance are among the terms negotiated with a range of qualified underwriters.

Areas of Expertise

  • Metal Products
  • Building Materials
  • Food and Beverage
  • Plastics
  • Machinery
  • Textiles